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I am a:
Retired advertising creative
Transplanted Texan
Swear word aficionado
Lover of animals, donut peaches, gadgets, loud rock 'n' roll, snapdragons, expensive stilettos, pickled okra, corny jokes, and tiny cars

I'm also a:
Mother and reunited adult adoptee working for sweeping change in the adoption industry

I believe that:

We must teach sex education and family planning and make sure contraception is easily accessible.

We must regulate the adoption process so that there is transparency in every aspect and every step.

We must outlaw pre-birth matching.

We must ensure that pregnant women considering relinquishment have all pertinent and accurate information and guidance from advocates who are unrelated to any adoption agency or hopeful adopters, and we must establish a strong system of support, education, and encouragement for them.

We must make it a criminal offense for ANY MONEY AT ALL to change hands when an adoption does occur. This will take the focus off making money and put it back on the best interest of the children, where it belongs.

We must make separation of mom and baby an undesirable last resort; putting the focus on keeping families together and gearing all solutions toward that goal.

We must change the laws of this country and every state so that all adoptees' records are open, so that they may have access to their names, their un-amended birth certificates, and their family medical and social histories.